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Current Status: Beta (v0.1.0)

The Vox Dope Alexa Skill allows you to tap right into our database of hip-hop shows and play podcasts from various sources in an instant. Enjoy the shows that you know, and discover new shows from our curated list of hip-hop related podcasts.

Once you've enabled the skill on your Amazon account, just say "open Vox Dope" to get started!

How To Use The Vox Dope Alexa Skill

It all starts with a search by date, starting with a phrase like "get shows from {date}". You can say things like:

  • "Get shows from yesterday."
  • "Get shows from last week."
  • "Get shows from March 3rd, 2020."

If you'd like to just grab some of the latest shows, you can also say "get new shows" or "what's new" for a list of the most recently added episodes.

The Alexa Skill will find all of the shows in our database based on your search. From there you can say "more details" for a list of the show titles you're about to listen to. Or if you're ready to listen, just say "play everything" or "play them all" to start listening.

  • Note: the beta version currently only supports search by date
  • Note: the beta verison currently only supports playing all items in your play list.

Play, pause, and "next/previous" functions are available while your list is playing if you'd like to go to a specific show.

If you need to leave Vox Dope, when you return the skill will remember where you left off. You can continue by saying "keep going". Or you can always start a new search by saying "start over". 

We'll be updating and adding new features to the Vox Dope Alexa Skill for more enjoyment. Check back here, or follow us on Twitter for updates or to give is feedback any time.

Vox Dope Alexa Skill

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