In 40+ years, hip-hop has grown from an arguable fad to one of the most influential cultures on the planet. While hip-hop has never been a monolith, the multitude of perspectives on the culture have only become more apparent due to advancements in tech. With the internet has come an explosion of voices speaking on hip-hop and hip-hop adjacent topics. Hip-hop has outgrown a single "source" to read or "vibe" to tune into - and rightfully so.

Hip-hop has always been rooted in being the voice of the people. Conversely, it has always been the voice of the people that determines what is (and isn't) hip-hop. VoxDope is a discovery tool to find hip-hop voices and topics that speak to you, and a forum to discuss those topics with others in the hip-hop community.

We believe that within this collective wave of voices is something that all hip-hop fans can benefit from: knowledge.

Vox Dope Alexa Skill

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